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safe fun for all the family

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Call of Duty Night Games

Zombie Nights

Endurance Events - G8

Zombie nights is where we play Zombie games, these are just some of them.





New games:-

Zombie Survival          played outdoors

Ward 13                      played indoors

Zombie Kill Zone        played in the dark.



G8 involves 8 hours of hard core laser skirmish.  It is an endurance event with one ultimate goal of reaching your mission with some individual missions to be completed also in that time. 


Its challenging, you have to work as a team to complete the tasks and you have lots of fun and have many stories to share afterwards around the campfire.


Starts at 2pm


Finishes at 10pm


Snack box is provided to each team with fruit and sweets and sandwiches to eat during the day.


A simple two course meal is provided at the end of the session.


Drinks are available

Call of Duty Nights.  A night under the Full Moon playing all of the Call of Duty games like:-


Death Match,



Sabotage, Search & Destroy and more

Australian National Clan Wars

This where we play competition level games to see who will win. Teams are invited from all over.


Every team has five people plus reserves, we play a round robin game so every one plays all day.


You play on an Inflatable Field and a Bush field, you have to be good at both to win.


For more information go to www.ancw.com.au