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safe fun for all the family

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Any solider will tell you that the proper kit starts with the right footwear. If you have hiking boots wear them, otherwise runners are okay.

If you plan to hire our coveralls then we recommend that you wear t-shirt and shorts so you can pop the coveralls over the top. Otherwise you will need to wear long pants covering your ankles. To survive on the battlefield you will need to disappear and that means camouflage, Also remember the brighter the clothes the better the target you are!!!!!   So make sure you wear brown or green colours or alternatively
rent the coveralls.


In order to engage on the battlefield, each gamer must bring a completed and signed membership form or bring a membership card.  Players under 18 years must have their membership form signed by a parent or guardian otherwise they will not be able to participate in the session.  When you arrive, the group organiser collects all the forms and provides these to the Enlistment Officer along with any outstanding payment. The Enlistment officer will provide a ticket or wristband for each player in their group. Any payments made on the day are payable by cash only. Pre-payment by direct debit only.


We suggest that you bring with you a water bottle and insect repellent. You may wish to bring sun-cream in warm weather. You may wish to bring some money with you too, as we sell chocolates, drinks, etc. in our Quartermaster's store. Don't bring jewellery; it might give away your position. Wide Bay Laser Skirmish will not be responsible for any loss, theft or accident to players or their property. You’re most welcome to bring to our battlefields your own food, drinks, tables, chairs, marquees and gas fired BBQs. If booked in advance, we can hire tables, chairs, BBQs and marquees and have these reserved for your group.

Now you are ready for active duty!


What happens when I get there?/Rules of Engagement


First: Safety.

This game is a non contact sport. There are no "bayonet strikes", "butt strokes" or throwing stones or sticks at the enemy. This is good, clean, fun. Here we simply shoot them. During the game, your adrenaline will pump. But don't run blindly. There are plenty of tripping hazards, so it is important to watch where you move. Each battlefield has a defined boundary. During the game stay within this boundary. Our guns use a sophisticated infrared beam just like a TV remote. This beam is invisible, harmless & eye safe.

Getting Kitted Out.

We tell the teams by the head band worn, one team wears the Red headbands team & the other team wears Blue headbands.  Everyone gets a sensor headband which links by a cable to your gun. Each gaming gun comes with 3 infrared sensors.

Killed in Action.

On the battlefield your C.O. or Field Commander is your judge, jury & executioner: do not cover your sensors with your hand or any carried or worn object. That’s cheating. Your head sensors must remain on your head during the entire simulation even when you’re “dead”. Typically you will start each Game with 5 hit points; this means you can be shot 5 times before you are dead. When you are killed in action, return to your base. You might be lucky & get a “re-spawn.” A re-spawn means you get brought back to life. But remember, dead men tell no tales, so do not speak to your team mates as you return to your base.


The gun's infrared beam is tightly focused so you will need to aim. Aim using the red dot scope or telescopic scope. Because the scope is above the barrel, aim a little over their head. But if your enemy is only showing their gun then shoot for the barrel. Keep your barrel is clear of cover. This avoids friendly fire from ricochets & wasting ammo. As you fire, the gun's muzzle flashes & makes sound effects. Run out of ammo? Reload using the left button near the trigger, push it once & then let go. Most gaming guns will take 4 seconds to reload & then you can hear the new magazine being inserted. Like in real life you are vulnerable, while reloading so you can’t shoot, but you can be shot! So take cover, fast. Getting shot while you are reloading will re-start your reload time. The button to the right of the trigger toggles between fully automatic & semiautomatic fire. Semi auto fire is one round per trigger pull.

Go! Go! Go!

Once you are at your base with your team, your referee will activate your weapon. During your games, you will play several different scenarios. On your return to the armoury bags will be provided to return dirty hats & outfits.




Some missions that will be offered are:-


A death match is simply one team versus the other for a set period of time, typically 30 minutes.  The only objective is to eliminate as many members of the other team while ensuring that your own team suffers minimal casualties.  It is best played by splitting the players into roughly two even teams and move them to different areas of the battlefield, usually out of sight of each other.  Guns are turned on then the battle begins.  The winner of this mission is the team with the least number of replacement or respawns plus currently dead is declared the winner.



VIP Escort is a little more challenging mission with the aim of it is to safely remove a VIP (Very Important Person) across enemy territory to safety or extraction point.  This mission is great for a group looking for a mission with more options and tactics with less shooting.



Sniper is ideal for small groups as the scenario is that a small group of snipers are being hunted down by a patrol of enemy troops.  This is a mission for less than 16 players (12 hunters and 4 snipers).  The game is over when all the snipers are dead or the hunters can no longer win.  For every kill the sniper gets 10 points rewarded to them while the Hunters get 30 points for each sniper.



In this mission, your team needs locate the hostile, capture him and escort him to the extraction point.  When escorting the hostile at least one team member must have the hostile by the arm.  If not you will not receive points for controlling the hostile.  To get the extraction points, the hostile needs to be escorted to the centre of the extraction point by an alive team member.



Players are divided into two even teams and the aim of the mission is to overtake the base from the other team.  One team defends the base and the other attacks the base.  Teams swap after a designated time period.  The winners are decided by the numbers of live members at the end of the time.

Joining Instructions


1. Personal Equipment List

2. What happens when I get there?/Rules of Engagement

3. Missions


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Please present yourself 20 to 30 minutes prior to session commencement in order to allow time for processing enlistment papers and kitting out.


Personal Equipment List


Players must come prepared for the battlefield.

· Hat, shirt, long pants and closed in shoes are the minimum standards of dress regulations for Laser Skirmish.

· Membership Form.